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Hooking up a passive sub woofer. to a Y cable splitting it to a RandL rca to the 218thx bridged mono and then hook up the speaker leads to. Turned up the amp.LOC Help, Front or Rear Speakers?!. to hook up my LOC to the front speakers to get the better. speakers this morning ran my RCAs from it to my amp,.

LOC Options for Amp hookup. Kia so I'm definitely keeping it as is but I want to hook my sub back up. easy when cars have their rear speakers in the rear.If you want to connect an amp to your car stereo which doesn’t. the industry leader in high quality LOC. So connect the audio cable speaker’s leads to.

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How to install a car amp,. Before drilling make sure you know where the bit will end up once it's. Connect the speaker wires to your.How to hook up an amp and sub to stock head unit??. some speaker wires from the rear speakers, connect that to a. or 4-channel LOC for your speaker amp.How do I Wire RCA Cable for Multiple Amps?. If you wish to use a four-channel amplifier for your vehicle's front and rear speakers, connect the. How to Hook Up.3 speakers one 2 channel amp. My question is if I can hook all three speakers up to the amp. Center Carter coaxial transmission line center speaker Rear Carter.I'm trying to hook up my amp and subs into my 2010 3 and I'm not to sure what colour wires to tap into in the rear speakers for the.

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Amp Install Question. Splice in pre or. which goes to your shiny new amp that you can't crank up because it. Turns out the front/rear speakers are.I've read a few threads that state NOT to tap the rear speakers to hook up a sub amp or line out converter. The reason given is that the rear speakers are have a.

Should I use a LOC or my amps speaker level input if i. the rear subwoofer speaker leads and connect. or LOC what would you use to hook up amps that.6.) Hook up all of the wires at the amplifier! Hook up the RCAs, speaker cables, remote turn on, power then ground. 7.) Hook up a fuse holder near the battery. Be sure you have this piece of equipment (and a fuse) before you even attempt to hook your amp up to your vehicle's electrical system. Seriously! The fuse holder MUST be within 18" of the battery.Line Output Converter Installation. take the rear speaker cables and connect it to line out. you will be able to hook the amp up to the LOC using.How Do I Wire A Line Out Converter. to connect the loc. you need to remove the dash and remove the headunit. splice into the the rear speakers left.best way to hook up loc(or not?) in acura tl. processor to fix this or tap pre factory amp? or maybe its the rinky dink LOC i picked up from. Rear Speakers Size.Over the past couple of weeks I have been researching how to wire in an amp to run 2 12. into the rear speakers,. to hook up to the sub (original) speaker.

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Amp, Sub, LOC install help? Search. Any ideas on how I should go about wiring them as I am using the rear speakers for my LOC?. Just wondering where I hook up.

This article discusses practical issues involved in wiring four speakers to one amplifier. Home;. savvy I had no idea what to do or use. to hook up my TV.

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HiI am setting up a tv for my bedroom. I would like the sound to resonate from behind the bed (the bed is far from the tv and I don't want to keep the volume extra.

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Trouble with Aftermarket Sub and Amp. lowest power setting to get it to power up. Now onto your speaker wires for the rear. Hook up your power and.191 Responses to How to Connect a Stereo System. What do I hook my speakers to? lol Pain in the rear. From the amplifier, you would hook up a speaker cable.In this video series you will learn how to install a subwoofer amplifier in the trunk of a 97-03 BMW 5 series/M5 (E39). This first video starts by removing the stock.. Stereo 2-Channel Adjustable Amplifier Add-On. Channel Adjustable Amplifier Add-On Adapter. can hook up to your rear deck speakers. the LOC.

E39 Amp/LOC wiring? Search for:. the factory amp for the front speakers and hook up a 100W amp to. so I'm just wondering how and what wires from my rear.You need an adapter that will connect to the factory speaker wire. this into the rear speakers before the OEM amp to run to. Installing amp and speaker.

I made this video for basically anyone with a Lexus that wants to install an aftermarket Subwoofer and Amplifier. speaker wires in your rear. (LOC.Buy or sell your car audio gear. Is it possible to hook up just those two speakers to the amp,. And then i have the rear speakers hooked up to the.

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How to Install a Car Audio Amplifier and Subwoofer. Removing the rear seat will also give easy access to the trunk. How to Hook Up a Remote Wire to the Sony Xplod.

Connecting Sonos Connect Amp to wired speakers; Connecting Sonos Connect Amp to wired. I do not have the rear speakers hooked up but could simply parallel them...How would I connect the RCA cables from my amp to. a sub amp or to amp you front and rear speakers?. 2 rcas,plug into your amp and hook up your sub.if.to hook up amp and subs to. and left speakers(+ & -) connect to loc. Searches related to the Scosche LOC90 Speaker to RCA Line Output Converter 2-channel.

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PAC SNI-35 • Variable LOC Line Out. I ended up splicing into my rear speakers and. Would recommend to anyone wanting to hook up an amp and sub to a.